At Adapty, we are experts at delivering enterprise eCommerce solutions. Our vast range of implementation and support experience is by itself a testimonial of our expertise. Our team's deep technical knowledge of leading eCommerce platforms and systems integration skills are fully leveraged to deliver a seamless implementation experience for our clients.

Adapty has the experience and expertise you need to deliver a best in class eCommerce platform quickly and cost-effectively.  We can engage at any stage of an eCommerce delivery and ensure a high quality offshore delivery with excellent user experience.      

Our teams’ platform capability aptly complements the standard defined processes, templates, integration accelerators and automated testing suites to accelerate the implementation process.

At Adapty, we offer tailored solutions to help companies with a complete implementation of leading eCommerce platforms across multiple channels.

Complete Implementation Support

We focus on offering end to end implementation of omni-channel eCommerce solutions and particularly have expertise in:

  • Customizing the user experience on the store and develop the site as per the customer needs and standards           
  • Personalized Merchandizing/Content Administration to allow for customized product catalogs, promotions and order management          
  • Personalizing and configuring Faceted Search to allow users to explore and browse the site in various ways and also place orders for items straight from the search results        
  • Setting up multi-site configurations of the platform to have several independent commerce sites operating off the same platform and a partitioned product catalog
  • Building integrations with various external enterprise applications including, but not limited to, marketplaces such as Channel Advisor, newEgg etc, Payment Gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout etc, and order fulfillment systems such as SAP.       

Optimizing the Platform Performance

We analyze existing installations of eCommerce platforms to recommend performance enhancements on the existing platform or upgrade options and if deemed necessary then a re-platforming option or migration to another robust platform.

S.W.A.T and Vacation Support

We offer specialized support to help build, customize and maintain an entire platform installation for the holiday season to help withstand the increased footfalls and user clicks and keep the platform functioning smoothly.

Reasons Why We Rock

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