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" At Adapty, our focus is on client and partner success. We strive to help them to run businesses more efficiently, connect with customers more effectively, boost employee productivity, and enhance collaboration.

Abbas Bhinderwala

Co-founder & Director

Abbas is the co-founder and Director of Adapty and has close to two decades of experience in building Enterprise and eCommerce technology solutions for a variety of global companies across multiple industries.

Abbas drives the technology and strategy discipline, where he oversees or executes cross-functional work on a variety of projects and long-term engagements. With an intimate knowledge of all our core capabilities, he ensures the integrated sets of decisions made every day are aligned to the vision, planning and execution.

As a true entrepreneur himself, he understands the core goals of being in business. This all adds up to a unique mix of skills, insight and experience, which he relishes in applying to solve our customer challenges.