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Salesforce Commerce

A luxury lifestyle brand redefined its customer journey through a revamped eCommerce experience

KEY objective

  • The platform lacked multiple features, which called for unnecessary third-party integrations.
  • A legacy system and outdated design meant a prolonged checkout process.
  • Site performance and accessibility needed to be delivered on-demand.
  • A significant update in the form of the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) was due that leveraged the mobile-first approach for the modern customer.
  • SFRA’s image service capabilities would replace the third-party services, allowing tangible cost reductions.


    The Adapty team facilitated the development of a customized eCommerce site that streamlined the buying experience, thus aligning the customer expectations with the brand’s value propositions.

  • Upgraded the SFCC version to SFRA, delivering a rapid and responsive environment.
  • Completely redesigned and restructured the site design for a condensed view on any device
  • Integrated a Single Page Checkout that optimized the conversion rate.
  • Utilised SFCC’s DIS (Dynamic Imaging Service) for product imagery across the site, thus building an information-rich catalogue.
  • Reduced page loading time and improved the site accessibility holistically.

Business Benefits

  • An improved user experience which further increased the average customer engagement time on its pages by 22%.
  • Reduced wait time on product listing pages by 20% on average.
  • Optimized costs across the portal by dispensing third-party applications.
  • A self-servicing platform primed for future expansions