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Luxury Fashion Retailer

The Challenges

  • The site missed personalization and responsiveness due to its legacy backend structure of Demandware’s Site Genesis 1.0
  • Product roadmaps were not clearly defined, leading to an unclear baseline for a transactional strategy.
  • Business and IT stakeholders were at parity, thus causing a delay in subsequent enhancements.
  • Any migrations could have compromised the third-party integrations that powered the information supply

Project Approach

  • Upgrade the SFCC platform to Site Genesis 2.0, which was clued-up for optimal viewing with a minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling, irrelevant of the viewport.
  • Establish a PMO structure to bring the stakeholders on the same page.
  • Optimize the checkout process by streamlining the favourite product display pages, user profile management and international order workflows through reduced clicks.
  • Implement parallel asynchronous processing, and eliminate redundant database requests, effectively accelerating the loading times.
  • Train the merchandising team for enhanced control over static content, marketing campaigns and other promotions.
  • Ensure no business disruption with the third-party processes remaining untouched

Key Business Benefits

  • Double-digit revenue growth with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) at all fronts.
  • Effortless transition of the business team, which further managed their first sale post the transformation without any IT assistance.
  • A prudently curated map for product selection and customer guidance through the updated Demandware platform.programme