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5 eCommerce Marketing Trends That Cannot Be Avoided In 2022

5 eCommerce Marketing Trends That Cannot Be Avoided In 2022
5 eCommerce Marketing Trends That Cannot Be Avoided In 2022

eCommerce marketing: The eCommerce string has experienced significant developments since the initial online stores were set up in the 90s. The most striking of all eCommerce trends to date is the speed at which the sector is emerging. Today, eCommerce is valued at around $2 trillion. Never before has retail been as successful as it is now, hence the popularity of top eCommerce software among online retailers.

So what are the trends in eCommerce? Amongst others, a survey has declared that there has been repeated focus on omnichannel selling, personalization and digital marketing. Improvements in the eCommerce world are certainly exciting for both consumers and retailers.

To give you a more trustworthy picture of what’s happening on the ground, we have gathered some of the most notable e-commerce marketing trends that best represent the future of online selling. After reading this article, you should use your insights to manage better or build your online store.

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eCommerce Marketing Trends In 2022

Voice Shopping

Online users are going crazy over voice shopping, helping it gain so much traction. By the end of 2017, almost 13% of the people who own a smart speaker admitted that they only made a purchase using their voice. Strategy consultants have foretold that this 13% might significantly rise for up to 55% within 2022.

The launch of Amazon’s smart speaker “Echo” officially kick-started this drift back in 2014. Since then, the user curve of the voice shopping trend is getting sheerer by the day.

According to discussed statistics, voice shopping is still on the edge of getting achieved, but it should only be getting better and widespread over the years. Voice search will be one of the vital eCommerce marketing trends that marketers cant avoid in 2022.

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Social Media In eCommerce

The amount of shoppers who shop through the attraction of social media is on the rise. Instagram and Facebook lately added a “Buy” button to their platform, which turned out to be an excellent approach.

Apart from its effect on our routine life; social media transformed how we buy things. Brands should take advantage of this opportunity and increase the position and popularity they have on social media. Your brand has greater possibilities of getting noticed among the customers. The time we spend on social media growing daily; seeking help from social media influencers is also a thriving option for eCommerce businesses.

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eCommerce Personalization

Personalizing your website plays a significant role in getting your eCommerce business appreciated. A wide range of products are available online, and each product needs to get showcased in the right way to the right consumer.

Failing to do so will result in your products remaining dead in your inventory without reaching the consumers who want it. eCommerce personalization lies in knowing each consumers choice and needs and offering them a unique, tailored experience. Applying this strategy will help you see a 20% improvement in sales.

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Omnichannel Strategy

Shoppers usually prefer to buy products offline after researching them online. And few shoppers can do vice-versa of researching offline and shopping products online.

Almost 88% of the customers browse through the internet before buying something. Even if there’s nothing new to this, the number of people who follow this strategy will grow in 2022. Therefore adopting an omnichannel strategy and adding it to your eCommerce marketing plan of 2022 is essential for your business, for customers to get a similar experience across all touch-points.

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Video Marketing

Understanding your buyers and creating content that they can relate to and understand better is vital irrespective of the medium you use.

This content building includes podcasts, audio, videos, and written posts. However, proofs are stating that customers react better to video reviews and product overviews than any other kind of content, increasing the chances of a sale. In case you haven’t already started it, 2022 is a great year to use video reviews.

While these are the eCommerce marketing trends we can foresee, 2022 seems to have planned a lot of transformation for the world. New technologies and approaches always emerge during the crisis and to stay updated about any eCommerce trends contact Adapty – Leader in digital commerce and experience for enterprise eCommerce business.

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