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Predict Your Shoppers With Einstein

Predict Your Shoppers With Einstein
Predict Your Shoppers With Einstein

What is Einstein Salesforce?

Jennifer purchased a pink dress few days back from a shopping website online and today she was looking out for a new pink money purse on her favorite shopping website. Before today, she used to search with a keyword like – “pink money purse” or “money purse with pink color”, but she was amazed to see that there is something special for her today. The moment she searched for “purse”, the product recommendation section of her favorite online shopping store was showing only pink purses with each and every pattern. She selected the pattern of her interest, added it to the cart , paid its cost and ordered it. Such experiences continued as she shopped more and more on that site.  These experiences were surprising for her and she was very happy to shop on that particular website.  It was no magic that showed the perfect recommendations  to Jennifer, instead they were the results generated by Salesforce’s Einstein according to the configurations made by the merchant for his Salesforce Commerce Cloud based website.

Let us look at another example, John is a sales executive working hard to get new contracts from some of their previous clients. Today, when he woke up in the morning, he checked his smartphone, and wow! there were leads about the clients and also the predictions of chances of getting a contract from each client, displayed right on an app. Earlier when he used to follow  leads from  clients, he used to take help from the data scientists of his company to decide priorities. But now with the help of Salesforce’s Einstein, he can easily take the decision himself.

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Before understanding how this happens, let’s take a look at what Salesforce’s Einstein actually is.  Its an Artificial Intelligence Engine built right into the platform, which improves shopper engagement, predicting the best products and offers for each individual consumer, automatically delivered across all channels. In the above story of Jennifer, Einstein predicted the choice of color for Jennifer by analyzing the history of previous items she purchased.  In case of John, The AI engine of Einstein predicted the chances of converting a lead based on the historic client data available to it.

Analyzing past data and predicting the future results is related to data science and there are specialized people to do this called as Data Scientists. But not every merchant can afford to have data scientists. So as to solve this need, Salesforce came up with Artificial Intelligence for everyone through Einstein. By using Einstein, everyone in business can have their own personal data scientist.

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Technically speaking, the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior is known as Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to new data. Internally Salesforce’s Einstein uses machine learning, to keep learning continuously with the data it has fed with.  Einstein is built right into the platforms which Salesforce provides.

Salesforce’s Einstein Features And Analytics In Salesforce Commerce Cloud :

In Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud platform for e-commerce,  the Einstein Engine basically provides 3 features as follows:

  1. Predictive Product Recommendations –  From day 1  of enablement, Einstein tracks the shopper’s data and keeps analyzing it. And based on the configuration set by the merchant, the product recommendations are shown on specified locations on the website. Locations may be Account Page, PDP page, Category Landing page etc.

  2. Predictive Email Recommendations  – Experian Marketing Services, 2013 Email Marketing Study  said “Personalized emails can produce transaction rates and revenue six times higher than non-personalized messages.”  Einstein provides an automated option through artificial intelligence for sending personalized email about recommendations to customers. Based upon the shopping history of the customer, these e-mails are sent.

  3. Predictive sort and customer insights. – This is a coming soon feature of Einstein in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

At Adapty, being Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers, we have built different ‘cartridges’ (packages containing different functionalities for ecommerce sites) which can be directly integrated with any ecommerce website based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

By the creation of Einstein, Salesforce has provided a way to have personal data scientists. This is a perfect use of Artificial Intelligence in predicting your customers, clients or shoppers!

Contact us to learn more about Einstein Salesforce Analytics, features and pricing.

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