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Sitecore 9.3 deployment to Azure PaaS using Solr App Service

Sitecore 9.3 deployment to Azure PaaS using Solr App Service
Sitecore 9.3 deployment to Azure PaaS using Solr App Service

In order to deploy vanilla sitecore 9.3 onto Azure using sitecore ARM templates, we will take 2 step approach.

Step 1: Install Solr as App Service: 

The reference links below has details about installing solr as app service

Click Deploy to Azure. It will run the utility that will ask for azure credentials. Once we log in to Azure, the deployment steps are automatically executed in a 3 step process.

Once the installation is complete, we can confirm by login to azure and the solr appservice will be created.

We can click on the server url and solr dashboard should be opened up

As per the above screenshot, the blank install of solr is done without any cores.

We can use Azure Deployment center and use FTP to upload the blank sitecore 9.3 solr cores onto the solr app service.

Then we will need to restart app service for the cores to appear on the dashboard.

Once we confirm that solr cores are present, our solr app service setup is completed.

Thus, the solr app service is installed and our solr is up and running.

For more information, please go through below links:

Step 2: Deploy Sitecore 9.3 using ARM templates to Azure Paas environment:


In order to deploy sitecore 9.3, below are the steps that we need to follow:

Login to Azure portal and create a new Storage Account:

Also create new Resource group

Install Azure Storage Explorer software and upload all the below files onto the Azure Storage Account using Azure Storage Explorer

  • Copy the wdp files.
  • Copy the license file
  • Copy the certificate file that we need to generate. Refer below link for certificate generation
    • (Client certificate)
    • Run the below script.
  • Copy the Azure ARM Templates i.e. XP folder in this case.

Make sure that we give Full access to the storage container.

Now we need to make changes to azuredeploy.parameters.json in our ARM templates i.e. XP folder


  • The urls are the urls for the wdp and other files that we uploaded to Azure storage.
  • Solr connectionstring should match the solr app service connectionstring
  • RepAuthenticationApiKey is random guid generated using guid generator.

Make the above changes and re-upload the paramters.json file back onto Azure storage.

Now, create the PS1 install script as per the below documentation.

When the script is successfully installed, the sitecore instance CM as well as CD is installed on Azure.

We can rebuild solr indexes to confirm if solr and sitecore are working.

Thus, after installing the above steps, we will have vanilla sitecore 9.3 deployed to Azure Paas with solr.

For more information, please go through below links:

  • (Client certificate)

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