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B2B Dental Instrumentation Provider

The Challenges

  • The promotion engine and systems were undefined, leading to incomplete marketing implementations.
  • Lack of invoice and order history meant no linkages for references or follow-ups.
  • A credit card payment gateway was missing, which increased the bounce rates from the checkout page.
  • The standard pricing model worked against the wholesale and retail B2B sectioning of the organization.
  • There was no single checkpoint to manage all the services from a unified space

Project Approach

  • Streamline contract pricing and volume-based rules to stand true to all customer expectations.
  • Inculcate end-to-end customizations to the promotion engine for global outreach.
  • Enable all the credit card capabilities by integrating with CENPOS, including saved selections, addresses and postal codes.
  • Optimize the touchpoints at registration, product lookup, cart loading and checkout.
  • Add Alvara for tax calculations, ERP Infor A+ for product management and PCA predict for address lookup as well as validation.
  • Integrate Sales Rep. allowing third-person order placement (Bill-To system)
  • Augment Google Analytics for real-time performance measurement and statistical analysis.
  • Support ERP order, invoice and payment tracking on a one-to-one basis.

Key Business Benefits

  • Seamless customer journeys that led to timely conversions at the predefined pages.
  • Boosted site speed and reaction times with modifiable static content and caching.
  • Decreased bounce rates and better customer management at both retail and wholesale fronts.
  • A strong brand presence throughout the digital ecosystem, thanks to easy platform transitions.
  • Improved customer experience cycles, promoting recall, recognition and retention.
  • A clear picture with actionable insights on all the performance metrics.