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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Features implemented for our client in implementing B2B ecommerce store

Brasseler USA Reduced the offline payment process by eliminating manual handling of invoice details resulting into faster payments cycles
Developed a rich and flexible user interface that has helped improve the customer experience and engagement on the site
Provided the business a competitive edge in the eCommerce domain which is increasingly prioritizing a good user experience
Data driven solution to view any invoice payment history and invoice detail
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What are the key benefits of B2B implementation?

Scalability, access to automation, leveraging marketing opportunities, and effective use of analytics are some of the key benefits of B2B implementation.

The B2B sphere is transforming the digital economy much faster than expected. B2B implementation enables this transformation with advanced features catered to serve specific requirements. With B2B eCommerce, business is much simpler than before. There are appealing benefits such as:

B2B implementation
  • Scalability: Businesses are meant to grow and not remain comfortable in stagnation. The size and scale of the B2B sector in this digital age give one the means to scale their business. Using an efficient B2B solution can help facilitate this transformation and drive growth. One can use these solutions to boost growth by accessing new sales channels.
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  • Access To Automation: The B2B eCommerce sector is at the forefront of leveraging different automation technologies to boost efficiency. It will not be possible for a business in this sector to survive without coming to par with competitors. But fortunately, one can leverage the nuanced competencies of B2B implementation and capitalise on this opportunity. These technologies can help you drive better efficiencies while reducing human intervention and hence human errors.
Access To Automation
Leveraging Marketing Opportunities
  • Leveraging Marketing Opportunities: Marketing has again become one of the most competitive sectors where businesses compete to win customers' attention. Any complacency on this front costs dearly, but marketing is a resource-intensive endeavour. This is where B2B implementation can give you access to means you need to facilitate cost-effective and result-driven marketing strategies. This tactic can be a performant increase sales strategy for businesses in this sector.
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  • Effective Use Of Analytics: Data is now considered the gold of the 21st century, and businesses can leverage it to realise their goals. This makes analytics a very significant tool for businesses with the potential to help facilitate better decision-making. Access to accurate analytics can help decision-makers get a first-hand understanding of reality and get the answer to how to increase sales.
Effective Use Of Analytics
B2B sales be increased

How can B2B sales be increased?

Seeking referrals from existing clients, using social media to your advantage, aligning the sales and marketing team, and training your employees are four effective ways to help you increase B2B sales.

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  • Seek Referrals From Existing Clients: Your existing clients are people who have already used your product or benefited from your service. Businesses must make the most of this opportunity to evaluate customer satisfaction and seek feedback. You can then publicise the positive referrals from existing and work on the red flags raised by the clients. Seeking referrals from existing clients can also be the right answer to the question of how to increase eCommerce conversion rates, as it helps establish trust.
Seek Referrals From Existing Clients
Use Social Media To Your Benefit
  • Use Social Media To Your Benefit: Social media has become one of the most potent, effective, and cost-friendly marketing tools. As a B2B business, it only makes sense you make the most of this tool and drive better engagement to boost conversion. Besides, social media platforms use specific algorithms that help you target specific audiences and generate far better results. Social media as a marketing tool also gives you the power to maintain regular engagement with your target audience and cultivate a loyal customer base.
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  • Align Sales Team With Marketing Team: Sales and marketing are two branches that work together to achieve a similar goal. So it automatically makes sense for both these teams to work together and facilitate better strategising. The sales team could enlighten the marketing team with first-hand insights from the market. This could then serve as great insights into how customers are reacting towards particular products, policies, or anything similar.
Align Sales Team With Marketing Team
Train Your Employees
  • Train Your Employees: The only right answer to how to increase sales is trained employees—the more competent and efficient the workforce, the better the chances of realising timely business goals. B2B businesses compete in a very competitive space, and complacency will not serve well. Every business in the B2B sector must make policies and efforts to dedicate a certain portion of resources toward training their employees. There are also many means available in the market that can help B2B businesses provide the right training to their employees.
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8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2B commerce site

Integration with Inventory & Warehouse Modules
Mutli-Lingual & Multi-Currency Option
B2C like Front End Experience
Varied Pricing Options
Easy connection to Sales Agent App
Flexible Ordering & Easy Re-Ordering
Self Service Customer Portal
Simple Sign-Up page
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