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b2B eCommerce implementation

Features implemented for our client to scale their B2B eCommerce business online

Single platform for corporate and eCommerce site
Enhanced SEO and Google Analytics functionality
Templates for uploading / updating catalog information
Customized brand theme and user interface
WorldPay Payment Gateway Integration
Design and development of optimised landing pages
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How to increase my B2B eCommerce sales?

Adding more customer reviews, incentivizing purchases, avoiding surprising shipping costs and using social media to your advantage are some of the best ways to increase your B2B eCommerce sales.

The B2B eCommerce sector is growing and reaching new heights with the rapid digitization of business environments. This has triggered increased competition in the market, making it important for businesses to take appropriate measures to stand out.

However, reaching this goal is much easier said than done, making it challenging to reap the fruits of successful B2B eCommerce implementation. But fortunately, there are some innovative ways B2B eCommerce businesses can stand out and increase sales.

B2B eCommerce sales
Adding More Customer Reviews
  • Adding More Customer Reviews: Influencing a customer's buying decision is key to ensuring the success of B2B eCommerce sales. Customer reviews play a pivotal role in influencing the buyers' decision to go forward with the purchase. These reviews add a sense of assurance which is always beneficial for the business.
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  • Incentivizing Purchases: Customers always look for the best deals at highly competitive prices. In such cases, incentivizing the purchases customers make can go a long way in terms of boosting sales. Things like discounts or coupons are very useful in this case.
Incentivizing Purchases
Avoiding Surprising Shipping Costs
  • Avoiding Surprising Shipping Costs: It is challenging to excite a customer about a product or service as it is. So when your B2B business adds a surprising shipping cost to the mix, chances are high that customers will walk away from the deal. The best way to deal with this is by keeping the shipping cost at a minimum and avoiding surprising customers with the same.
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  • Using Social Media To Your Advantage: Online platforms have become very powerful marketing tools today. Thus, successful B2B implementation calls for leveraging the potential of social media platforms. These platforms help you better connect with your customers and drive growth with minimal hassle.
Using Social Media To Your Advantage
B2B industry

Why is digital transformation important for the B2B industry?

Meeting customer expectations and keeping up with the competition are two primary reasons why digital transformation has become so important for the B2B sector.

The business world is transforming and evolving rapidly, so businesses of all sorts have no option but to keep up with these changes. Meeting these new challenges in the modern business environment will never be possible without digital transformation.

B2B businesses now have to cope with a number of challenges to drive success in this environment. Hence there are many reasons why digital transformation in the B2B sector is no longer an option. So let's understand two of these primary reasons.

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  • Meeting Customer Expectations: Every customer has some kind of expectation from a brand, and B2B businesses are no exception. Customers these days are spoiled for choices, and meeting their expectations is key. So B2B businesses need to leverage digital transformation to meet them right where they are and fulfil their requirements.
Meeting Customer Expectations
Keeping Up With Competition
  • Keeping Up With Competition: Another pressing concern for the B2B sector is increasing competition in the market. B2B now has no choice but to leverage the potential of digital transformation and keep up with the competition. Failing to do so will only result in poor accessibility, thus leading to lower recognition.
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What are the 3 benefits of B2B e-commerce?

Reaching new markets, increasing sales, and lower costs are three primary benefits of B2B eCommerce implementation.

B2B eCommerce for distributors, retailers, and more, has developed in the past couple of years. One of the direct reasons for this growth is the benefits that come with it. So let's check out some of these.

B2B e-commerce?
Reaching New Markets
  • Reaching New Markets: B2B eCommerce implementation leverages the potential of the digital economy. This, in turn, helps businesses seamlessly reach new markets and drive growth.
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  • Increasing Sales: Running your B2B businesses with effective and optimized eCommerce is the perfect thing you need to boost sales. Since your business now needs fewer resources to operate, it becomes much easier to drive sales and grow.
Increasing Sales
Lower Costs
  • Lower Costs: Effective and well-thought-out B2B eCommerce implementation plays an imperative role in reducing your overall operational costs. For instance, digital marketing is far more effective and cost-effective compared to conventional marketing approaches. Similarly, many other factors help you save costs in the B2B eCommerce sphere.
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Essential features to consider when setting up a B2B commerce site

Self Service Customer Portal
Easy connection to Sales Agent App
Flexible Ordering & Easy Re-Ordering
Support Business Processes
No Software & Hardware Cost
Varied Pricing Options
Integration with Inventory & Warehouse Modules
Simple Sign-Up page
Mutli-Lingual & Multi-Currency Option
B2C like Front End Experience
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