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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Discover how an industrial material supplier switched to a digital-first approach with multi-national eCommerce stores

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multinational ecommerce stores

Features implemented for our client in transforming digitally with multinational ecommerce store

Setting up locational languages, currencies, site-specific processes and integrations
Customized shipping calculators based on geographical parameters and complex logic
Advanced Google Analytics integration to track complete customer journey and conversion
eCommerce implementation on a robust platform bridged the gap between the website’s UX design and overall customer experience.
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What are the advantages of a Multinational eCommerce store?

Affordable marketing, a larger customer base, rewarding exports and better flexibility are some of the best-known advantages of owning multinational eCommerce stores.

The eCommerce sector has transformed into a very lucrative form of conducting business in the past couple of years. All thanks to the Covid-induced lockdowns that played a key role in increasing the popularity of online shopping. But barring this widespread adoption of online shopping, many other reasons make international eCommerce platforms so advantageous in this era.

Multinational eCommerce store
Affordable Marketing
  • Affordable Marketing: Marketing is where businesses need to spend a lot of resources to drive results. But the emergence of multinational eCommerce stores has helped businesses bring down this cost significantly. Many affordable and effective marketing tools are available that make marketing more cost-effective for businesses.
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  • Larger Customer Base: Gone are the days when a particular business could access customers of specific geography and demography. The world is now more connected than it ever was before with growing access to the internet. Consequentially, businesses can now access a larger customer base to boost sales and profitability.
Larger Customer Base
Rewarding Exports
  • Rewarding Exports: Every country globally strives to increase exports and reduce imports. Hence governments often tend to deploy schemes to encourage businesses to export more. Multinational eCommerce stores make it more feasible for businesses to export more and get rewarded for the same.
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  • Better Flexibility: Businesses need the flexibility to experiment and innovate, but this is not always possible with conventional business models. This is where the eCommerce business model again stands out with its scope of flexibility. Businesses can now innovate with little risk of threatening their ambitions.
Better Flexibility
Industrial Suppliers benefit

How do Industrial Suppliers benefit from eCommerce?

Better profitability, better supply chain management, flexibility to meet customers' needs, and increased scope for scaling operations are some of the ways eCommerce benefits suppliers.

eCommerce is now a booming sector, and every business now needs to maintain an online presence to remain competitive and relevant. But one important aspect that makes eCommerce possible is the role of industrial suppliers.

The supply chain plays an imperative role in facilitating the entire eCommerce mechanism. But that does not mean eCommerce does not benefit industrial suppliers. There are many ways an industrial supplier can benefit from the growth of multinational eCommerce stores, and some of these ways include:

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  • Better Profitability: As eCommerce businesses grow in number, size and scale, they automatically need more suppliers. This presents an excellent opportunity for industrial suppliers to maximize their profits. As long as the supplier offers efficient and quality services, they will automatically attract more customers and boost profitability.
Better Profitability
Better Supply Chain Management
  • Better Supply Chain Management: The demand for efficient supplies will only increase with an increasing number of eCommerce businesses. This will push industrial suppliers to manage their supply chains more effectively. This means examining the entire supply chain, determining gaps, and taking measures to address the same.
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  • Flexibility To Meet Customer Requirements: As eCommerce businesses grow in number, it gives suppliers more flexibility. This flexibility allows them to take all necessary measures to better meet customer requirements. As a result, they build a good reputation among international eCommerce websites allowing them to drive further growth.
Flexibility To Meet Customer Requirements
Increased Scope For Scaling Operations
  • Increased Scope For Scaling Operations: Another no-brainer benefit for industrial suppliers is more scope for scaling. As the demand for eCommerce services increases around the globe, industrial suppliers can take this opportunity to scale their operations. This offers them an excellent opportunity to grow and grow their business.
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How do I create an international eCommerce website?

Assessing supply and demand, localizing products, choosing vendors and suppliers, and setting up a multinational eCommerce store is the simplest way to create an international eCommerce website.

The first step is to assess the supply and demand for products or services with respect to the business's target audience. This has to be followed by localizing the products for local customers. This is important because businesses must start with local businesses before reaching out to international customers.

Once done with that, you need to focus on finding the right vendor and supplier for your business. Feel free to browse the market and pick the best suits your requirements. The final step is to set up a functional eCommerce store or website. You can even leverage the services of global eCommerce solutions to create the ideal website for your business.

international eCommerce website

8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2B commerce site

Self Service Customer Portal
Easy connection to Sales Agent App
Flexible Ordering & Easy Re-Ordering
Support Business Processes
No Software & Hardware Cost
Varied Pricing Options
Simple Sign-Up page
Mutli-Lingual & Multi-Currency Option
B2C like Front End Experience
Integration with Inventory & Warehouse Modules
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