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Black friday

Features implemented for our client to increase business by redesigning website

Delivered a re-designed B2C platform, using responsive technologies to enable a consistent user experience on multiple devices.
Used ES6 JavaScript standards and features of Web 2.0 to reduce latency and making the website responsive and multi browser compatible
Redesigned the entire B2C site's user experience on desktop and mobile devices with additional features using advanced components based structure of Angular for better performance and modularity
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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the informal term used to describe the day after Thanksgiving. This day marks the beginning of the holiday season, making it one of the busiest days for shopping. In terms of business and marketing, Black Friday presents an excellent opportunity to amplify sales. Businesses such as jewellers, retailers and more go to great lengths to increase business on Black Friday.

Black Friday traces its roots to the mid-20th century. The term was initially used by the Police Department of Philadelphia, referring to the heavy commotion and traffic after Thanksgiving. Eventually, the term began to spread, and businesses were smart and agile enough to turn this into a marketing opportunity. Black Friday sales help many retailers leverage the holiday season to boost their sales and revenue generation simultaneously.

Black Friday
Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday

The primary difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is the type of products available at discounted prices. Besides that, the date of both notable events spells an obvious distinction between them. While Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday falls on the immediate Monday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday business is mostly concerned with in-store shopping, where customers need to visit a physical store to avail of the Black Friday deals. On the other side, Cyber Monday mostly revolves around online shopping. But this doesn’t seem to be the issue anymore, especially with eCommerce businesses growing at an unprecedented pace.

The other notable difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is that people spend more on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday. This is important information for businesses and marketers who need to curate deals accordingly and attract customers.

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Why improve site speed and performance during Black Friday?

Improving your website speed and performance during Black Friday is not an option as it can be the day on which most of your customers search for you. The speed and performance of your website will determine the amount of traffic you generate, the number of customers who buy your offerings, and so much more. So if you are looking to increase business on Black Friday, make sure your website is faster and more navigable.

The following tips can help you here.

performance during Black Friday
Conducting a Thorough Website Audit
  • Conducting a Thorough Website Audit: A thorough audit of your website will help you determine any issues that might impact the speed and performance of your website. Once you are aware of the issues, you can rectify them and set your business up for success.
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  • Optimise User Experience: The next thing you need to do is analyse and optimise the user experience of your website. This will ensure customers face no issues when looking for vitamin Black Friday deals on your website.
Optimise User Experience
Evaluate And Enhance Your Sales Strategy
  • Evaluate And Enhance Your Sales Strategy Finally, it is time you evaluate and enhance your existing sales strategy for Black Friday. Make sure you determine and address all the gaps in the strategy to drive better results.
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When is Black Friday in 2022?

25th of November 2022 is the day when Black Friday will be observed or celebrated this year. Businesses of all scales, especially retailers, must take good note of this date as this is the only day they can reap the full benefits of the holiday season. So mark the day on your calendars and set up effective strategies to increase business on Black Friday.

increase business on Black Friday
Black Friday Ideas For eCommerce

Black Friday Ideas For eCommerce

Using targeted marketing campaigns, leveraging the potential of social media, and delighting loyal customers are some of the proven Black Friday strategies for eCommerce. Using these ideas can help every eCommerce vendor increase business on Black Friday so let’s check them out individually.

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  • Targeted Marketing Access to advanced analytics has made it significantly easier for eCommerce businesses to benefit from targeted marketing. The occasion of Black Friday presents an excellent opportunity to amplify sales.
Targeted Marketing
Leveraging The Potential of Social Media
  • Leveraging The Potential of Social Media: Social media has now transformed into one of the most effective marketing tools. Thus, eCommerce businesses must use social media to their advantage and boost sales on Black Friday.
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  • Delighting Loyal Customers: Black Friday presents an excellent opportunity to delight your loyal customers. You can impress them with special discounts on Black Friday supplements and ensure they remain loyal for years to come.
Delighting Loyal Customers

8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2C commerce site

Mobile optimized and responsive design
Product filter and comparison options
Search function & smooth navigation
Multiple payment options
Personalized language and currency option
Trust seals and social proofs
Optimization of cart
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
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