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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Features implemented for our client to boost it's business revenue with Omni-Channel Experience

enrich beauty omni channel experience Upgraded the website on headless eCommerce platform leveraging latest technology and frameworks
Implemented fast web page rendering and advanced CDN caching resulting in an improved performance and better SEO score.
Implementation of real-time salon appointment booking, taking the omnichannel integration to the next level providing a seamless customer experience.
Multiple payment methods implemented to ensure expeditious checkout resulting in lower customer drops at checkout.
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1. How does omnichannel eCommerce implementation increase revenue?

Omnichannel experience design can help an eCommerce business deliver a better shopping experience and amplify revenue generation. You see, providing customers with an effective shopping experience is key to surviving in this competitive eCommerce sector. But how? Here are a couple of ways omnichannel eCommerce implementation can help increase revenue:

omnichannel eCommerce implementation
  • Growing Your Customer Base: What is an omnichannel strategy if not a customer-centric approach to the business? It essentially allows eCommerce businesses to strengthen their relationships with existing customers and onboard new ones.

    With different channels to manage customer relations, delivering an optimum experience with minimal hassle becomes much easier. Combine all these, and you have the right recipe for attracting more customers and boosting revenue generation.
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Growing Your Customer Base
  • Targeting The Right Customers: The other effective way to boost your revenue generation with omnichannel experience design is by targeting the right customers. Omnichannel eCommerce implementation gives you access to highly relevant and important analytics and data.

    As a result, it becomes much easier to connect with the right customers and show them what they want to see. This evidently helps increase your eCommerce revenue.
Targeting The Right Customers
  • Better Customer Retention: Customer retention plays a key role in eCommerce. Acquiring a new customer is far more cumbersome than the resources needed to retain an existing customer. An omnichannel digital experience is ideal for helping your eCommerce business amplify customer retention and drive better results.

    It is what you need to focus on retaining existing customers and boosting revenue generation. In fact, customer retention can help you amplify revenue generation by 25%-30%.
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Better Customer Retention
  • Increased Traffic Generation: Every eCommerce business needs to go to great lengths to increase traffic flow on its website. An omnichannel experience design helps you deliver a better customer experience. Consequently, this helps you attract more traffic to the website and enhance your rankings on search results.

    This, consequentially, helps enhance visibility and make your eCommerce easily accessible to customers. All these combined play a key role in helping your eCommerce business generate even more returns with minimal effort.

2. Can omnichannel also improve customer experience?

An omnichannel customer service strategy enhances the CX through a precise understanding of the customer journey, feedback and segmentation. Let's explore these in detail:

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Mapping Customer Journey
  • Mapping Customer Journey: No customer just opens an eCommerce website and makes a purchase. There are different stages in the buying journey before the customer makes the purchase. The customer will traverse through different touchpoints that will eventually lead them to the purchase.

    So it becomes imperative you map this journey and determine any existing gaps that can hinder the customer's intention to make the purchase. Once you are done with the holistic mapping, you can make necessary changes to enhance customer experience and have a positive impact on revenue.
Taking Note of Customer Feedback
  • Taking Note of Customer Feedback: Omnichannel experience design makes it more convenient for customers to reach the business. So you can take this opportunity to facilitate better communication with customers. During this communication, it is likely that customers will give you feedback about their experience with your business.

    Remember to focus more on the negatives. This will help you determine any existing issues and take corrective measures to enhance the customer experience further.
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  • Effective Segmentation of Customers: The other way omnichannel can help you enhance CX is customer segmentation. This approach will help you better understand what specific customers expect from your business.

    As a result, you can personalize your customer journey and enhance the chances of customers making purchases. When customers get personalized recommendations or ads, it automatically increases their chances of buying products and services from your business.

    Omnichannel experience design can help you better understand customers' preferences, needs, and behavioural traits to help shape your campaigns accordingly. Ultimately, this will help you enhance your experience and drive better results with unmatched customer experience.

8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2C commerce site

Mobile optimized and responsive design
Product filter and comparison options
Search function & smooth navigation
Personalized language and currency option
Optimization of cart and checkout
Multiple payment options and shipment options
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
Trust seals and social proofs
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