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An Industrial Manufacturer and Distributor
experienced better customer retention
via an Online Commerce Cloud

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Customer Retention via Online Commerce Cloud

Features implemented for our client with better customer retention.

Enhanced the user experience and customer experience on the website
Interface modifications were made on the Home and Static pages, creating a layered journey
Linc system Built a recommendation engine with a new feature called My Products, allowing personalized promotions
Defined a ShipTo-centric customer flow for funnelled billing information
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How Can Industrial Manufacturers & Distributors Increase Customer Retention Rate?

Using modern technologies to facilitate better customer communication is key to enhancing customer retention rates for industrial manufacturers and distributors. Every customer appreciates when the business values them.

So checking up on your existing customers and updating them about the latest business offerings is one of the most valuable strategies for customer retention. Delivering targeted content can also help you drive better customer retention and enhance the overall customer experience.

Industrial Manufacturers & Distributors Increase Customer Retention Rate
The Seven Customer Retention Strategies

What Are The Seven Customer Retention Strategies?

The seven most effective strategies for customer retention include:

  • Creating effective and result-driven customer loyalty programs
  • Building meaningful and long-term relationships with customers
  • Using modern technologies to make effective use of customer data
  • Measuring the lifetime value of customers
  • Using marketing automation to engage and re-engage with existing and new customers
  • Leveraging gamification to enhance customer experience
  • Personalized communications with personalized offerings to enhance the effectiveness of marketing programs
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How Do You Retain Customers in eCommerce?

A seamless customer experience can help you retain more customers in eCommerce. Loyal customers play an imperative role in ensuring the success of an eCommerce business. Even a slight increase in eCommerce customer retention can significantly positively impact any eCommerce business's overall revenue generation and profitability.

Numbers suggest that repeat customers are more likely to spend an average of 33% or even more on every order. Besides, loyal customers can also help generate better brand awareness, facilitate better public relations and boost customer acquisition rates.

Retain Customers in eCommerce
eCommerce Retention Be Improved

How can eCommerce Retention Be Improved?

Customer experience strategies can help you enhance eCommerce customer retention. Some of the best-known ones include:

  • Delivering personalized customer experience to boost engagement and retention, making it much easier to drive tangible results with minimal effort
  • Using appealing customer loyalty programs to retain existing customers and increase the number of loyal customers
  • Email marketing for keeping customers updated with all the latest business offerings helps make them feel valued by the business.
  • Enhance customer communication through various social media channels through different social media platforms.
  • Leveraging the right SOPs to boost customer satisfaction, thus automatically contributing to better and enhanced customer retention
  • Delivering content based on the interests and preferences of customers to enhance the effectiveness of strategies for customer retention
  • Showcasing the values and stories that set your brand apart from competitors, thus helping customers develop a relevant connection with your business, further aiding towards better customer retention rates.
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What Are The Best B2B Customer Retention Strategies?

Of all the B2B customer retention strategies, some of the most effective ones include:

  • Start a community of all your loyal customers where you can give them an insider's look into your offerings. This is a very effective strategy, with 55% of businesses agreeing that community building has helped them enhance sales.
  • Leveraging personalized onboarding tactics to enhance the impact of your marketing campaigns and deliver better experiences. Customers always appreciate personalization through videos, interactive quizzes, discounts, and more.
  • Investing resources to educate your new customers about your business and its offerings. This helps facilitate a robust bond between the customer and business, further helping you drive better results.
  • Existing customers are already aware of the value of your product or service. As a result, convincing them to upgrade or upsell does not take much effort and resources. Upselling your offerings to existing customers is much more profitable compared to finding new customers.
The Best B2B Customer Retention Strategies
Customer Retention Case Study

Where Can I Find Customer Retention Case Study?

Are you looking for a customer retention case study to determine the right approach for your business? We have just what you need. This case study deals with the nuances of how an industrial manufacturer and distributor enhanced their customer retention with an online commerce cloud.

The brand partnered with Adapty to enhance the user experience on its website. We tweaked the user interface that led the customers to actionable information in fewer clicks. Besides that, we also enhanced the funnelling of billing information, thus allowing the brand to build a better targeting model. So make sure you download this case study to understand how the right strategies for customer retention can help your business grow progressively.

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10 essential features to consider when setting up a B2B commerce site

Self Service Customer Portal
Easy connection to Sales Agent App
Flexible Ordering & Easy Re-Ordering
Support Business Processes
No Software & Hardware Cost
Varied Pricing Options
Simple Sign-Up page
Mutli-Lingual & Multi-Currency Option
B2C like Front End Experience
Integration with Inventory & Warehouse Modules
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