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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Enhanced the customer experience cyber monday sales

Features implemented for our client to scale the cyber monday sale

Served consistent product and stored data using NodeJS and MongoDB
Created an independent UI layer that only consumed Oracle Commerce REST APIs
Tuned the performance by implementing parallel asynchronous processing
Eliminated redundant database requests to bring in the pure eCommerce aspects
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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a common term in the eCommerce sphere, referring to the Monday right after the Thanksgiving weekend. This is not very different from Black Friday, which primarily benefits conventional physical stores.

The day-long shopping events aim to encourage customers to shop online. Many even refer to Cyber Monday sales as an extension of Black Friday. During Cyber Mondays, eCommerce stores will provide customers with appealing discounts, special promotions, and even the launch of new products in some cases.

Ecommerce businesses need to go to great lengths to reap the full benefits of this event. For starters, these businesses need to put necessary efforts into delivering an enhanced customer experience. Of course, customer experience is always important for eCommerce business, but its significance amplifies during the event of Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday sales
Monday and Black Friday

Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday

Barring the date of both events, the primary difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is the nature of the products for sale. Besides that, Black Friday has been observed since the 1950s, whereas Cyber Monday came into existence only in 2005. But that does not stop Cyber Monday from becoming the year's most significant online shopping day.

Conventionally, Black Friday deals were most focused on in-store sales and deals. But this has been changing in current times with the growing prevalence of eCommerce businesses. Nowadays, almost everyone prefers shopping online, offering a better user experience and convenience.

Many businesses now focus on boosting sales from the preceding Tuesday of Black Friday till Cyber Monday. As a result, many are even referring to this period as the "Cyber Weekend," where discounts get more and steeper with progressing sales. Besides that, this period also presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to gather data before their Christmas sale events.

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Can Enhanced CX (Customer Experience) Drive More Sales During Cyber Monday?

Customer experience is undoubtedly the most prominent factor that can help businesses drive better sales with their biggest Cyber Monday deals. The digitised environment of the present day and age makes it challenging for businesses to connect with customers. Thus, they need to take a different and more evolved approach to deliver optimal customer experience and drive results.

The type of customer experience your business or digital store has to offer will directly influence the volume of sales you generate. Also, Cyber Monday means the traffic on your website will be at its peak, which automatically increases the chances of encountering server issues. So this is not an area you want to take any chances with because anything going wrong will impact your sales on the busiest day of the year.

There are many ways eCommerce businesses can improve customer experience during Cyber Monday. Some of the most notable ways include:

Biggest Cyber Monday deals
  • Personalisation: Delivering enhanced customer experience is almost impossible without effective personalisation. Ecommerce businesses need to leverage data and analytics to provide customers with personalised offers and deals. This will certainly help you enhance sales on Cyber Monday.
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  • Seamless Checkout Experience: No customer wants to spend time trying to check out from your eCommerce store. A slow checkout process means customers choose your competitors over you. So, simplify the checkout process beforehand to ensure your customers do not leave you with an abandoned cart.
Seamless Checkout Experience
Provide The Right And Concise Content
  • Provide The Right And Concise Content: Cyber Monday is a busy day, and customers cannot spend much time researching a product. Thus, you need to go the extra mile to ensure they get all the necessary content and information for making the purchase. You can even hire professionals to create the right content for your eCommerce website and deliver an enhanced customer experience.
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When is Cyber Monday in 2022?

Cyber Monday 2022 falls on the 22nd of November 2022. Cyber Monday marks the beginning of the holiday season, and businesses need to gear up to drive better sales during this period. Ecommerce businesses of all scales and sizes can leverage the benefits of Cyber Monday by delivering enhanced customer experience and driving results.

Thus, it is highly recommended that eCommerce businesses get started on preparing their online store for the big day. This means enhancing customer experience, creating appealing deals, augmenting existing marketing strategies and much more.

Holiday season

Essential features to consider when setting up a B2C commerce site

Mobile optimized and reponsive design
Search function & smooth navigation
Personalized language and currency option
Optimization of cart
Product filter and comparision options
Multiple payment options
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
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