Delivered a personalized and mobile-optimized eCommerce website for a USA based luxury retailer resulting in a double-digit online revenue growth

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At Adapty, we help customers to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and demands. Our teams excel in understanding customer needs and focus on offering them a productized solution at every stage, thus simplifying their business processes and promising them an edge over their competitors. Adapty specializes in B2C and B2B enterprise eCommerce solutions.

8 Essential Features to consider when setting up a B2C ecommerce site

Mobile optimized and reponsive design
Search function & smooth navigation
Personalized language and currency option
Optimization of cart
Product filter and comparision options
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
Multiple payment options


Delivered a seamless user experience, providing a Single Page Application (SPA) with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across multiple view ports desktop, tablet and phone) by implementing an AngularJS based responsive interface
Built a centralised information repository using NodeJS and MongoDB to serve consistent Product and Store data across all channels
Built UI layer that only consumes Oracle Commerce REST API's to decouple it from business layer, ensuring future platform upgrades can be carried out independent from the UI layer
Built an improved product taxonomy, to ensure all users (customers, store agents, customer service agents) see a uniform hierarchy across all channels


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Consider Every User’s Journey
Appreciate the Complexities of B2B
Understand Critical Integrations
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