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Ways to reduce costs for your eCommerce store?

Minimizing product returns, using automation, facilitating better negotiations with suppliers, and outsourcing non-important tasks are some of the most productive ways to reduce operating costs for your eCommerce store.

Running an eCommerce business successfully means navigating through many challenges. One of these significant concerns is increasing operational costs that can significantly dent your profits.

But fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the cost of running your eCommerce store that include:

eCommerce store
Minimizing Product Returns
  • Minimizing Product Returns: Product returns are one of the most concerning issues for eCommerce businesses of different scales and natures. Of course, product returns are free for the customer, but the business has to incur added costs on top of the already incurred labour and shipping cost. An eCommerce marketplace does not have the option to prevent its customers from returning the product as it would just contribute to poor customer experience and satisfaction. The best thing eCommerce businesses can do is adopt different measures that can help them reduce such instances.
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  • Using Automation: Labour cost is another major factor contributing to higher operational expenses. But then again, humans are more likely to make mistakes compared to computers. These errors can further contribute to increased costs of correction. So the best way to make your way out of this is automation. Automation with cloud technology can help you save on the overall implementation and running budgets. Besides that, it can also help reduce support costs by a large margin.
Using Automation
Better Negotiations With Suppliers
  • Better Negotiations With Suppliers: One of the best ways to drive eCommerce optimization and reduce costs is through better negotiations with suppliers. Use different negotiation tactics to get goods at discounted prices which will automatically increase your returns. But refrain from pushing them too much as it can have an adverse impact on your mutual relationship. Instead, stick to the approach and prices that benefit both parties.
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  • Outsourcing Non-Important Tasks: Outsourcing your non-essential tasks to third parties or qualified professionals is one of the best ways to reduce eCommerce costs. This works similarly to automation without you having to invest in any advanced technology or machinery. You can outsource many services, including payroll processing, human resources, customer services, bookkeeping, and information technology. This will help you bring down your operational cost significantly.
Outsourcing Non-Important Tasks
reducing operating costs

How does eCommerce help in reducing operating costs?

Better efficiency, streamlined operations, and supply chain management are some of the best ways eCommerce helps reduce operational costs.

Every business strives to reduce its operational costs to increase revenue generation and facilitate growth. But not all businesses can identify the areas where eCommerce can help them reduce support costs and operational costs. So here are some ways eCommerce can make a difference.

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  • Better Efficiency: The entire business model of eCommerce revolves around better efficiency. Any eCommerce business that fails to ensure seamlessness in its operations will sooner or later succumb to competition. One can even leverage the potential of advanced technologies to facilitate automation and reduce operational costs while enhancing efficiency at all levels.
Better Efficiency
Streamlining Operations
  • Streamlining Operations: Clutter and complexities do not go hand in hand. The more complex your work processes are, the harder it impacts organizational efficiency. This is where streamlining your business operations comes as a very effective way to reduce costs. Streamlining automatically translates to saving in terms of labour input which again helps you reduce support costs and operational costs simultaneously.
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  • Better Supply Chain Management: Supply chain is one of the most significant cost drivers in any business. But unlike most other conventional businesses, eCommerce businesses have more room to facilitate better supply chain management. Hence it only makes sense that businesses in the eCommerce sector learn how to optimize eCommerce websites along with the supply chain to ensure timely availability and exchange. This is where every eCommerce business can shine and reduce its cost of support and operation to facilitate better growth.
Better Supply Chain Management

8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2C commerce site

Mobile optimized and responsive design
Product filter and comparison options
Search function & smooth navigation
Personalized language and currency option
Optimization of cart and checkout
Trust seals and social proofs
Multiple payment options and shipment options
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
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