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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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personalization for ecommerce

Features implemented for our client to deliver a personalized mobile friendly ecommerce website

Brought to bear our technical expertise and program management experience to establish a PMO.
Provided optimal viewing experience using the responsive design
Delivered a seamless omnichannel experience
Implemented enhancements to deliver improved user experience
Trained the merchandising team to leverage latest platform features
Enhanced user profile management
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Why is Personalization Important in eCommerce?

Better customer experience, increasing conversions, and getting a competitive edge are factors that make personalisation so important in eCommerce.

The eCommerce sector is growing at an unprecedented pace, and businesses need to take proactive measures to stand out and drive results. While there are enough ways to stand out, personalisation for eCommerce remains one of the most effective. Here is why personalisation is so important for eCommerce businesses.

Personalization Important in eCommerce
Better Customer Experience
  • Better Customer Experience: Gone are the days when a simple coupon was enough to win over your customers. Today, customers are not short of choices, and you need to give them a good reason to choose you over your competitors. This is where personalised eCommerce comes as a very effective tactic to boost customer experience. This will give your customers the reason to choose you over your competitors.
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  • Increasing Conversions: It is one thing to drive traffic to a website, but converting those traffic into customers is entirely different. Personalisation for eCommerce can be a very effective tool to expedite the process. This makes personalisation very important to boost the overall conversion rates of your website.
Increasing Conversions
Competitive Edge
  • Competitive Edge: The unprecedented growth of the eCommerce sector has attracted many entrepreneurs to this sphere. As a result, the competition in the eCommerce sector has skyrocketed in recent times. Fortunately, businesses have the option to leverage the potential of eCommerce personalisation to stand out and attract more customers with minimal effort.
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How can Personalisation help you increase your sales?

Better conversion rates, access to customer data, and meeting customer expectations are some of the ways personalisation for eCommerce can help you drive better sales.

Ecommerce businesses now have to deal with a lot of complexities to increase their sales in this hyper-competitive business environment. As a result, eCommerce businesses need to leverage different tactics and strategies to help them drive sales. But personalisation still remains one of the most effective ways to help you boost your sales. Here are some rationales to justify this.

increase your sales
Better Conversion Rates
  • Better Conversion Rates: It is no secret that personalisation plays a key role in helping businesses enhance their conversion rates. Hence it is a no-brainer that better conversions automatically translate to better sales. Personalised messages and prompts are highly effective in pushing customers further to complete the purchase.
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  • Access To Customer Data: Data is the new gold of the 21st century, and businesses must use this to their advantage. Personalised campaigns allow you to generate valuable data and insights on different customer behavioural traits. Ecommerce businesses can then use the same to drive more effective and relevant personalisation to increase sales.
Access To Customer Data
Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Meeting Customer Expectations: Customer expectations are now evolving at an unprecedented pace, all thanks to the rapid digitisation of business environments. Consequently, customers are now more likely to choose a business or product that better meets all their expectations. The primary reason behind this is seamless access to a wide range of choices customers enjoy today. Thus, using personalisation for eCommerce to meet customer expectations can be very helpful in increasing sales.
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How can I make my eCommerce website mobile-friendly?

Efficient page loading speed, optimised user experiences, and social media integration are the core elements you need to get an ideal mobile-optimised site.

Most people now access sites or apps via their various mobile devices, making it very important for eCommerce businesses to have a mobile-friendly eCommerce website. Some easy ways to optimise your eCommerce website for all platforms include:

mobile optimised site
Efficient Page Loading Speed
  • Efficient Page Loading Speed: Every eCommerce website must strive to load in less than two seconds. This has become very important now as customers have a shorter attention span and do not want to spend time on a site that takes too long to load.
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  • Optimised User Experiences: The next important ingredient here is optimised user experiences. Every eCommerce website must be seamlessly navigable to ensure customers get an unmatched user experience. This will proactively have a positive impact on your business.
Optimised User Experiences
Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Integration: The most important thing eCommerce websites need nowadays is social media integration. Customers these days want to share everything on social media platforms. So it is natural for them to expect your eCommerce website has social media integration.
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8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2C commerce site

Personalized language and currency option
Mobile optimized and responsive design
Search function & smooth navigation
Multiple payment options
Product filter and comparison options
Trust seals and social proofs
Optimization of cart
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
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