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Implemented a Sitecore based
digital experience solution that provides best
digital marketing platform for Dubai Asset Management,
a UAE based property management company.

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digital customer experience

Features implemented for our client to improve digital customer experience

Pixel-perfect UI design for responsiveness and quick updates
Seamless data sync with backend system YARDI
Incorporated Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter for community lookup
Grid email integration for notifications
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What is a Digital Experience Platform or DXP?

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an integrated set of primary technologies that support the management, composition, optimization and delivery of contextualized digital experiences.

Providing the best digital experience to your users is no longer an option for businesses operating in this competitive and digitized environment. At the same time, ensuring that the ideal experience is anything but easy. Thanks to technological advancements, going digital is much easier now than before. This is made possible through the growing digital experience platform (DXP) application.

There are many reasons why a business needs a digital experience platform (DXP), and some of the most important ones include:

Digital Experience Platform
Consistent Branding And Messaging
  • Consistent Branding And Messagings: Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are ideally designed to help you deliver an enhanced digital experience. These solutions help you push your branding message centrally instead of wasting resources across various channels. This helps enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts, ensuring you deliver the right digital content with ease.
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  • Reaching More Touchpoints: Digital experience platforms help you expand your existing activities into more platforms and channels. As a result, this automatically increases the number of customer touchpoints you can cover. Since online marketing is no longer limited to just online ads, businesses need to reach customers right where they live, which is almost everywhere online. A DXP allows you to deliver a more enhanced user experience by providing a foundation to build the same.
Reaching More Touchpoints
  • Personalization: Personalization has now become very important for delivering an optimum digital experience. This is where DXP solutions help you make the right use of customer data based on their behaviour and history. Businesses can use this valuable information to enhance digital experience and drive better campaign results. Personalization contributes to user experience, customer loyalty and satisfaction.
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  • Access To Real-Time Insights: Digital experience platform (DXP) gives businesses access to valuable insights. Since these insights are based on real-time data, it becomes much easier to facilitate better decision-making. This makes it much simpler for brands to augment their marketing campaigns accordingly and achieve better results. Furthermore, real-time insights enable you to update your marketing campaigns whenever needed.
Access To Real-Time Insights
Enhance the digital experience

Innovative ideas to enhance the digital experience of a website?

Clutter-free website design, faster page loading times, and mobile device compatibility are some of the best ways to enhance the digital experience of a website.

The competition in the digitized business environment is increasing relentlessly. As a result, businesses now need to go the extra mile to stand out in the crowd and grab their customer’s attention. Here’s how to improve digital customer experience.

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  • Clutter-Free Website Design: With so many online websites, no one has enough patience to navigate through confusing navigation. Hence it is now more essential than ever to have a website with a clutter-free website design. A clean website makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.
Clutter-Free Website Design
Faster Page Loading Times
  • Faster Page Loading Times: Your website should not take more than two seconds to load. People these days have a brief attention span, so it is significantly less likely that they will wait for your products to come up. Users just might go to your competitor’s website, which loads faster.
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  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Most people now use their mobile devices to access the internet. Hence it only makes sense to ensure your website is compatible with all devices. This means optimizing the website content pages to load on smaller screens without any delay and distortion.
Mobile Device Compatibility
Digital Experience Platform

Few Digital Experience Examples

Companies are now taking a nuanced approach to enhance digital experience. A large number of brands have already leveraged DXPs to drive better results. Some deploy chatbots based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

On the other hand, some are going totally omnichannel with their digital experiences to drive better results. If you are still wondering how to implement your digital experience, check out this case study. It should give you a clear insight into how a UAE-based property management company recently leveraged Adapty’s competencies to implement a Sitecore-based DXP solution.

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8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2C commerce site

Mobile optimized and responsive design
Product filter and comparison options
Search function & smooth navigation
Personalized language and currency option
Optimization of cart and checkout
Trust seals and social proofs
Multiple payment options and shipment options
Personalized experiences and product recommendations
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