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A Multinational Healthcare Solutions
company enhanced their website with
the help of Personalization in
Ecommerce for better product
placement and promotions

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ecommerce personalization tools

Features implemented for our client to enhance their website with the help of ecommerce personalization tools

Added Rich Relevance Recommendations and Findings for personalised product suggestions
Created an MCS that pushes the internal marketing ads onto their website
Established organisation level, view-only catalogue access for some users
Optimized the performance in the critical areas of order details, product listing and checkout cart
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How can Product Placement be improved in eCommerce?

There are 4 places where you can enhance product placement – product name, categorisation, description and SEO.

You see, personalisation and effective product placement are very important for eCommerce businesses to survive and sustain their business. You must ensure your products grab the customer’s attention and lure them into taking the engagement further. Attention to detail can help you showcase the right products in the right manner.

So, let’s deep dive into these aspects.

  • Product Name: The first thing customers notice about a product is its name. So make sure the name reflects the product in the best way possible. You must showcase important details along with the USP of the product to get the best results.
  • Place Products in The Right Category: Customers know why they are browsing through your eCommerce site. So if they fail to find the right product in the right category, chances are they will leave. Hence make sure you make no mistakes here and leave the right impression in your customer’s mind.
  • Describe Your Products: Online shopping is a well-established avenue now. Therefore, eCommerce businesses need to showcase the appropriate description that reflects the brand’s image in the best light.
  • SEO: The final area you need to be mindful of is SEO. Yes, SEO plays a key here as well. Optimise your product page with relevant keywords. Also, make sure to use enticing meta descriptions to enhance the visibility of your eCommerce store. Keep everything in line with the latest digital trends for the best results.
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How can Product Placement be improved in eCommerce
What is Personalisation in eCommerce

What is Personalisation in eCommerce?

A personalised eCommerce experience means providing customers with content that suits their preferences, demographics, previous purchases and intent.

Customer data is now more easily accessible than they ever were before. Hence, eCommerce businesses need to leverage this opportunity to deliver a tailored approach to their current and prospective clients.

For instance, many eCommerce personalisation tools help you target, personalise and optimise your offerings. You can use these to define and segment customers and enhance the impact of your personalisation efforts.

Businesses can even track their customer’s journeys and deliver individualised content to entice them to make the purchase. Of course, customer personalisation in eCommerce is nothing new, but its effectiveness has stood the test of time compared to any other marketing strategy. Optimizely (Episerver) B2B Commerce platform is fully configurable to meet your brand design standards. Even healthcare providers enjoy immense benefits from better product placement and promotion.

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Why is Personalization Important?

Personalisation in eCommerce is now more important than it ever was before. These days customers are never short of options to choose from. So it’s the businesses that need to stand out with personalisation. Personalisation is key in enhancing the overall customer experience and driving better results.

All sorts of customers appreciate a personalised experience, whether you are a retailer selling to individuals or a B2B e-commerce platform catering your offerings to other businesses.

There are endless perks of personalisation in e-commerce, and some of these include:

  • Better Conversions: Of course, the first benefit of personalisation in eCommerce is better conversions. Customers who get a better experience on your eCommerce store are automatically more likely to go through with the purchase. Things like personalised product recommendations and even notifications can leave a good impact on your customers.
  • Better Engagement: eCommerce businesses go to great lengths to encourage customer engagement with the brand. But the simplest and most effective tactic to boost brand engagement is personalisation in e-commerce. Personalisation encourages customers to interact with the brand, which is ideal for online users.
  • Better Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty is one of the most significant assets for any eCommerce business. Personalisation in eCommerce helps create an unsaid perception in the customer’s mind that the brand caters specifically to people like them, which does not take long to transform into a bond. Once your customers have a bond, they will likely remain loyal to your brand and even recommend it to others.
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Why is Personalization Important

8 essential features to consider when setting up a B2B commerce site

Self Service Customer Portal
Easy connection to Sales Agent App
Flexible Ordering & Easy Re-Ordering
Support Business Processes
No Software & Hardware Cost
Varied Pricing Options
Simple Sign-Up page
Mutli-Lingual & Multi-Currency Option
B2C like Front End Experience
Integration with Inventory & Warehouse Modules
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