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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Corporate Communication

Features implemented for our client to improve digital experience

Introduced a 24 hour icon Introduced a 24-hour interactive dial that displayed location-specific retail offerings that the customer could experience
Inculcated a brand Family Inculcated a brand family dial to showcase all the sub-brands with their retail locations
Google Maps Icon Integrated Google Maps for navigation support to the closest outlet
DXP Corporate Communication Incorporated a CDN backend for seamless video streaming and a low-latency experience
Space to Host Included a space to host press releases and other corporate communication
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Why is customer engagement so important?

Better customer engagement translates to better customer loyalty, helps enhance customer experience, and provides access to insights on customer interactions.

Customers in the 21st century are more tech-savvy and spoiled for choices with so many alternatives available. In such a situation, businesses have no other option but to make efforts to stand out. Leveraging measures to boost customer engagement is one of the easiest ways to help a business realize that goal. But besides that, other perks include:

customer engagement
Better Customer Loyalty

Better Customer Loyalty

  • It is no secret that businesses need to spend more on attracting new customers than retaining existing ones. This makes it very important to enhance customer loyalty. Leveraging effective ways to improve customer engagement ensures you can meet them right where they are.
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Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Another area where eCommerce businesses need to stand out is customer experience. When businesses make efforts to drive engagement, they also leverage best practices such as decluttering the website, enhancing navigability, improving page load time, increase conversions and more. All these combined together further contributes to a superior customer experience.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Access To Valuable Customer Insights

Access To Valuable Customer Insights

  • When you successfully engage a customer with your website, you also get an opportunity to monitor their engagement. This allows you to monitor these interactions and generate valuable insights. You can later use these insights to enhance brand recognition and amplify growth with minimal effort.
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How to Optimize Page Load time?

Optimizing image format and size, optimizing dependencies, and reducing HTTP requests are some of the best ways to optimize page load time.

There are many ways to improve customer engagement but optimizing your page load time is one of the best routes to realize this goal. Customers these days have a short attention span and do not appreciate any gaps in their buying journey. So, if you are thinking what are the three ways to reduce page load time, here they are:

Optimize Page Load time
Optimize Image Format

Optimize Image Format And Size

  • Websites need to feature images that engage and attract their visitors. But very often, these images are uploaded in larger sizes and formats that hinder the loading page of the website. This makes it very important that businesses optimize the size and format of these images to ensure faster loading.
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Optimize Dependencies

  • The next thing you need to be mindful of here is optimizing your dependencies. This means eliminating any slow plugin that might be slow and hampering the overall load speed of the page. Besides that, also shift your focus to the tracking scripts and see if these solutions are hampering the loading speed of your page.
Optimize Dependencies
Reduce HTTP Requests

Reduce HTTP Requests

  • The final strategy to help you boost page speed is reducing your HTTP requests. You can start using solutions such as CSS Sprites to reduce the number of image requests. For instance, you can combine background images into a single image using CSS background image and background-position elements.
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How do you improve brand recognition?

Embrace uniqueness, publish value-driven content, and focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your brand recognition.

Improving your brand recognition is one of the easiest ways to improve customer engagement and drive results. Businesses over the years have used many different approaches to enhance brand awareness. But things are much easier for eCommerce businesses operating in today’s digitized business environment. Some of the ways you can enhance brand recognition include:

improve brand recognition
Embrace Uniqueness

Embrace Uniqueness

  • The very first thing that you need is to maintain a unique identity for your brand. Your customers must be able to differentiate your brand by looking at your communications and be interested in engaging immediately.
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Feature Value-Driven Content

  • The next thing you need to be mindful of is featuring high-quality and value-driven content. Featuring great quality content is one of the most effective ways to grab your customer’s attention and recognize your brand.
Feature Value-Driven Content
SEO To Your Advantage

Use SEO To Your Advantage

  • Another easy way to enhance your brand recognition and establish authority is SEO. When customers open search results and see your website on top, it automatically makes it easier for them to remember your brand. Besides that, SEO is also an excellent way to improve customer engagement and drive better results with targeted efforts.
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Essential features to consider when setting up a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) based website

Data and technology integration
Business intelligence and analytics
A single customer identity and profile
Cloud platform infrastructure and administration
Seamless digital experience across channels and devices
Integration of personalized experiences through-out the user journey
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