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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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How a Dubai-based megacorp enhanced
the customer engagement with brand
recognition and streamlined experiences

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Corporate Communication

Features implemented for our client

Introduced a 24 hour icon Introduced a 24-hour interactive dial that displayed location-specific retail offerings that the customer could experience
Inculcated a brand Family Inculcated a brand family dial to showcase all the sub-brands with their retail locations
Google Maps Icon Integrated Google Maps for navigation support to the closest outlet
DXP Corporate Communication Incorporated a CDN backend for seamless video streaming and a low-latency experience
Space to Host Included a space to host press releases and other corporate communication
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Essential features to consider when setting up a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) based website

Data and technology integration
Business intelligence and analytics
A single customer identity and profile
Cloud platform infrastructure and administration
Seamless digital experience across channels and devices
Integration of personalized experiences through-out the user journey
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Adapty is a leading digital commerce company with offices in the USA, UAE, and India. As experts in digital commerce and customer experience (CX) platforms, our technology teams design and implement omnichannel solutions that drive customer engagement and enable business growth. We help retailers adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.

Adapty is part of Apexon, a digital technology services and platform solutions company that partners with clients to improve their digital experience and insight. With more than 25 years of experience, our 5000+ talented team in more than 10 offices worldwide are helping companies enhance their digital experience with their customers.


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