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Digital Commerce

Reimagining customer experience through Digital e-commerce transformations

The modern consumer
is always out and about.

In an unprecedented digital wave, brands are now experienced through omnichannel outlets with multiple touchpoints.

How Does Digital Commerce (eCommerce) Work

At Adapty, we believe in the power of change that connects human intent with business intelligence. This means constant revenue streams, actionable data and real-time communication backed by a structured ecosystem.

Feature-rich platforms and intuitive technologies are put in place to establish a streamlined customer journey, irrelevant of the entry point. A cohesive and naturally progressive experience unlocks tractability, flexibility and agility for you to create on-demand opportunities.

We redefine e-commerce environments that enrich brand interaction on every front by leveraging your needs against our expertise and experience.

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Ability to provide consistent data across multiple platforms via API’s. Assuring seamless processof integration and quicker data channel processing

Homogenized team skills, with full stack development, and moving away from niche technology skills. No need to hire Front end and Backend developers any more.

Faster server performance with node.js, and simpler database design with mongoDb means customers see their apps load quickly.

Quicker development and faster iterations, as isomorphic code can be refactored easily between client and server as your applications grow.

Flexibility, owing to the loosely coupled layers. As there is no standard framework, you can structure your application as per your business needs.

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