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An Absolute Guide To Deliver A Seamless Customer Experience in 2022


Hyper-Personalization for Seamless Customer Experience:
AI, Analytics, BigData & Everything in Between

Hyper personalization is the next step in understanding your customer

The concept is based on developing a segment-of-one to supply contextual information, products and services. While personalization is all about incorporating transactional data such as title, name, organization and purchase history, hyper-personalization dives into behavioural and real-time data that is relevant to a particular user.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time data forms the foundation of the approach. As digital branding and positioning become more competitive, hyper-personalization takes the guesswork out of the picture to improve customer experience across an omnichannel platform.

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Current CX Trends, AI, Analytics & More To Grow Your Business

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Adapty is embracing the changing definitions of customer relationship – building experience models that reiterate your brand proposition through an omnichannel approach. Partner companies like Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, Sitecore and Optimizely help us drive your customer data into actions, impacting the tech transformation from your homefront.

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