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Content Powered CX Commerce Strategies
To Drive Engagement And Online Sales

By Vijay Talreja

Every customer's journey begins from the search, discovery, evaluation, or promotion. It is essential to provide a seamless shopping experience to the shoppers from the beginning of their journey that will engage them and encourage them to buy your products or services. A great experience is delivered by connecting the dots between Content and Commerce to develop an engaging customer experience (CX).

Do you believe that your content strategies need to be refined further to drive engagement and commerce?

Startup Talks with Mr Vijay Talreja,
Adapty and Mr Vikash Mittersain, IBG

By Vijay Talreja

Startup Talks with Mr Vijay Talreja, Co-founder and Director of Adapty and Mr Vikash Mittersain, Founder of India Business Group. Hear them talk about startup ecosystem in Mumbai/India and about entrepreneurial talent in India

Gaurav Vashishta, Associate Director,
Adapty Solutions| RLS (2019)

By Gaurav Vashishta

Hear him talk on "How Content plays an important role". The Retail Leadership Summit assimilate people's from various factions and formats of retail to talk about what could create new brand salience and experiences that help increase mind-share and thus market share.