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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Improving Healthcare Through Centralization, Simplification and Personalisation

Digital experiences that shape the changing relationship with science

As technology expands across the traditional mediums, HCLS leaders are turning their research into customer-centric and more direct return-intensive concepts that shall sustain health experience in the coming times.

The conversation is now moving to understand the customers on a granular level, delivering a service that meets their wants, needs and expectations. Aggregating data to create a feedback loop with a personalised design process is the future in ecommerce personalization that is coming to you at an accelerated speed.

Improved access to care, increased efficiencies and orchestrated schedules shall draw the baseline to patient empowerment and self-service. Therefore, Adapty is creating ecosystems that provide such cohesive experiences on a centralised platform.

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Our Offerings

Optimise The Touchpoints

Offer a streamlined customer with data collection at registration, product lookup, cart loading and checkout

AI That Does It All

Manage resource utilisation with data management and on-demand solutions

The Power Of Self-Service

Ensure 24/7 availability of doctors, specialists, clinics and treatments with virtual assistants

Omnichannel Support

Provide consistent UX across all channels – mobile, web, tablet and store agent console

Integration With 3rd Party Functionalities

Think a comprehensive knowledge base, customer service and address validation system

End-To-End Automation

Crunch a 360-degree view of the patient history to automate actions within the portal

Single Touch Engagement

Provide a one-to-one connect to the caregivers with direct access

Centralised Information Repository

Get provider layering to serve product data relay between platforms

Healthcare B2C Retail

Moving From Changing Demands To Expected Outcomes

The years of uncertainty are not entirely behind us yet. But, as the reimbursement model for companies enhances across the spectrum, the need for value-based care and wellness is what shall drive the patient’s footsteps.

Adapty is moving towards delivering an experience that builds the much-needed trust in an enterprise, enabling the requirements of effectiveness, ease and emotion.

We’re reworking the enhancements that delivered UX, payments and personalised design, giving the idea of control back to the customers.

The Way Ahead

  • Better engagement pursuant to search and navigational path
  • Complete compliances with data protection, access controls and privacy rights
  • Digital customer experience analytics for customised tracking between channels
  • Contextually relevant advice with actionable insights
  • Bridging the distance between home and institutional healthcare
Healthcare Instrumentation Manufacturer

Building A Healthier Bottom Line For All

The introduction of omnichannel integration and automation has carved a way for digital transformation solutions to reduce costs, integrate processes and personalise channels. As the expectations for a seamless customer experience evolves, brands will need first-party data to bolster margins and protect market share.

We at Adapty are taking the idea of direct B2B to push digital health through tools, subscription models and member support.

The concept of convenient, cost-effective, and customised care is at the forefront now, and we’re here to deliver it holistically.

The Way Ahead

  • Connected CX that blurs the lines between the digital and analog world
  • 24/7 smart solutions blending AI processing and human intervention
  • Single checkpoint services for unified management
  • Upgraded capabilities promoting brand loyalty, advocacy and customer trust
  • Workforce optimisation through flexible operations and cost distribution
Vitamins & Supplements Suppliers

Creating A Customer-Centric Future Of Health

Healthcare customers play an active role in managing their journey across the digital platform. As against other industries, they desire a higher level of service, better choices, on-demand assistance and real-time interactions in a much-simplified space. Hence, the engagement for pharmacies, retailers and decision-makers can only be measured on a digital scale of personalisation and convenience.

Adapty is elevating this customer experience to attract and retain users that demand a certain level of quality, service and value.

We’re bringing insights that recognise unique characteristics for each customer across their healthcare journey.

The Way Ahead

  • Customer segmentation with predictive and real-time AI applications
  • Experience management orchestrated across multiple teams
  • Synergistic loyalty programs distributed by individual businesses
  • Open APIs for data sharing and contextualised customer engagement
  • Value proposition targeting through prospective data



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