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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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A Promise of Experience: B2B Commerce in Manufacturing and Distribution

Directing demand through hyperconnected digital channels

Customers are no longer visiting resellers or contacting sales reps like before. The old model of simply putting up the product information online doesn’t cut it either. B2B buyers now want all the back-office information such as order status, delivery times, stock, and production plans on demand.

Customers expect all hardware, software, and services to be bundled together for a 360° digital view. Therefore, providing a seamless customer experience backed by journey flexibility, consistent omnichannel availability, and proactive monitoring is critical to success.

This can only be achieved through full transparency during brand interactions and personalized interfaces that change with feedback and reviews. As a microservices architecture becomes today’s standard, companies that bring incremental value to the projects shall be the ones accelerating ahead.

Adapty helps manufacturers and distributors innovate a CX that breaks down these silos for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Our Offerings

Product-as-a-service (PaaS)

Combine the platform for bundling sales, installation, maintenance, monitoring, and service into a packaged offering

Implementation Of The IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things connected with all products for better quality, efficiencies, lead times, and revenue

One Account To Manage It All

Single account with multiple buyer roles and access levels allowing organization-wide order processing

The Power Of Personalization

Implement recommendation engines, customized account pages, and location-wise UI

Building The Blockchain

Revolutionize the supply chain with automated processes that instill trust, transparency, and security

An Omnichannel Standpoint

Multiple channels, consistent offerings, and a holistic view for the digitally-aware customers

Enhanced Product Search Capabilities

Offer navigational search with product highlights and customer part numbers

Al-Enabled Recognition

Uncover the patterns in buyer, system, and operational activities

Electrical Distributor

How Utility Is Powering Electrical Distribution To The Future

With the introduction of endless new entrants, even the seasoned providers are giving in to the relentless price pressures. But, what most distributors are missing out on is the distinctive value proposition that helps stand out from the crowd and keep more customers.

Adapty is forging bonds between functional boundaries to support lean processes that pursue sustainability in customer journeys.

Taking customer experience to the core of commercial transformation, we’re adding utility value and targeting touchpoints of the buyer’s journey.

The Way Ahead

  • ERP integration for automated product and customer information sync
  • Customized analytical tools for every minute tracking
  • Diversified platforms with an omnichannel presence
  • Reiteration of performance indicators to the customer life cycle
  • Cloud-based solutions for faster product search and efficient checkout processes

Producing The Digital Customer Experience: A Manufacturer’s Curve

The B2B buyer’s journey has not only shifted online but also has enhanced to the level of direct company interactions. While AI, IoT, and sophisticated data analytics are optimizing production, modernizing the customer platforms with the same models has become rather imperative to retention and conversion.

By creating an in-depth consortium of information, customized content, and streamlined processes, we at Adapty are prioritizing outreach to defined target audience personas.

The three phases – eCommerce, business integration, and enterprise-wide solution are being implemented for getting closer to the customers.

The Way Ahead

  • Digital transformation coupled with enterprise-wide CX & operational efficiencies
  • Different products, different experiences – all signalling deeper values and reach
  • Mobile development backed by frictionless shopping journey on all channels
  • Tiered systems for exclusivity, memberships and alliance products
  • One-touch concierge at every step of the purchasing process



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