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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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The Future of Retail – Implementing AI, AR and Personalisation

Highly interactive digital experiences that analyse and drive customer behaviour

The evolution from the brick and mortar store is year-old news. Today’s retail commerce is about exerting relatability, authority and engagement to sales and margins across the digital spectrum.

That is to say, as the tangibility to retail is pulled away, to onus to create an in-person experience now lies with your online persona. Customers are now digitally fluent between buying channels, traditional outlets and eCommerce, giving them higher expectations and better options at the click of a button.

Therefore, the new standard for Retail Customer Experience is providing a reiterated consistency at every turn and touchpoint. At the end of the day, you shall have to go the extra mile, irrelevant of where your customer is shopping.

This is where Adapty comes in.

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Our Offerings

Personalisation All The Way

Think countless data sources, AI, targeted audience and a tailored product placement

Monitoring And Measurement

Identify any bottlenecks for complete performance optimisation and on-demand processing

Ready For The Omnichannel Shopper

Develop an ecosystem that brings direct-to-customer reforms across digital channels

Optimised For All Loads

Static content compression, test order processing and a step-wise approach to handle holiday volumes

Bringing Reality To The Virtual Environment

Replicate the physical experience with LiDAR and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)

Catalogue And Inventory Management

Reduce human inputs for automatic updates and real-time data accuracy

Digital Experience Platform

Implement a headless eCommerce portal improving customer engagement and conversion across all channels

All The Revenue You Need

Deploy multiple payment methods for a seamless cart to checkout journey

Fashion and Apparel

Reimagining CX, Sustainability And Differentiators In Fashion

Nothing changes faster than the demands and expectations of a customer within the fashion eco-space.

As up-to-the-minute updates and sustainable choices become the styles of tomorrow, we at Adapty are evermore focused on gaining visibility and control of the entire engagement loop through single customer view, personalised experiences, content-based marketing and data-driven procurement.

The global market size of apparel is set to touch $635.7B in 2021 – and we’re inviting you to be a central part of this growth.

The Way Ahead

  • Applied ML to predict product images, fabric patterns and trending silhouettes
  • Digital technologies creating localised content through user preferences
  • Deeper understanding of market segments and customer relationships
  • Feature-rich marketing for relatable brand interaction
  • Adoption of AR and VR to bridge the online-offline gap
Luxury Retail

Evolving From Owning To Being The Luxury Brand

It’s safe to say that the physical stores are not evaporating. But, to stay valuable, luxury brands are becoming an enabler for a better future that integrates business strategy with a desirable outcome.

Adapty is matching this expectation for a premium level of service to the brand’s sense of exclusivity and purpose. The effective idea is the implementation of an effortless commerce system that’s equally accessible and open to change.

Breaking the organisational silos, we’re building a luxury context at every touchpoint.

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The Way Ahead

  • Digital transformation coupled with enterprise-wide CX & operational efficiencies
  • Different products, different experiences – all signalling deeper values and reach
  • Mobile development backed by frictionless shopping journey on all channels
  • Tiered systems for exclusivity, memberships and alliance products
  • One-touch concierge at every step of the purchasing process

Shaping A Conglomerate Through Customer Intelligence

71% of consumers shop in micromoments. And when it comes to delivering a summation, retail conglomerates need to exceed all expectations through customer satisfaction, word of mouth and organisational success.

With the perception and experience gap widening by the day, a complete consensus across departments can be achieved by deriving actionable data and up-to-date information on the customers. We at Adapty are integrating marketing analytics, community lookup, scalable CMS and on-demand access to the enterprise experience.

Think delivering customised customer data platform as the collation device that shall push businesses as stop-gap solutions.

The Way Ahead

  • Customer segmentation with predictive and real-time AI applications
  • Experience management orchestrated across multiple teams
  • Synergistic loyalty programs distributed by individual businesses
  • Open APIs for data sharing and contextualised customer engagement
  • Value proposition targeting through prospective data



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