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Kony Mobile Banking

Future-proofing your systems through omnichannel applications

UI interfaces are now structured through a UX ideology where the customer journey is mapped from the middleware to the core banking backend services.

Banks using legacy systems have created a comfort bubble that stands on the verge of obsolesce and disrupted delivery. Adapty collaborates with you to develop Temenos (earlier Kony) mobile fabric, which provides a complete customer view and robust scalability.

We enable you to implement model bank functionalities with the freedom to innovate personalized experiences. The Temenos multi-channel JS architecture provides a flexible and comprehensive ability to combine native, web and hybrid development.

You can leverage our tactical, technical and transactional experiences to build an ecosystem that targets profit optimization, data integration and frictionless performance.

The Adapty Difference


Amplified results with record-breaking time-to-market


Automation of repetitive manual processes backed by a stable infrastructure


Managed upgrades, data migration and quality assurance.


Synergized product development and project implementation


Customer experience strategies for future-ready banking

Discover how Adapty supports you to make customer-led decisions