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Know why Oracle Commerce Cloud is important for personalised user experience

Adapty is a leading Oracle Commerce Gold Partner

With our Oracle ATG Commerce implementation and support we enable you to deliver a personalized online buying experience for each customer by presenting relevant content and merchandizing, personalized search, customized marketing programs, and tailored websites.

Built on a foundation of proven capabilities, including personalization, business user control, cross-channel support, and a flexible platform, Oracle ATG Web Commerce boosts your omni-channel business growth. 

Oracle ATG Commerce @ Adapty

At Adapty, we bring together eCommerce strategy, user experience design, implementation, upgrade and support services under one roof thereby offering our customers a solitary partner of choice for comprehensive and long term eCommerce success.

We are committed to offer our services globally and support our customers by building and maintaining a Center of Excellence which allows us to increase our Oracle ATG Web Commerce capability by regularly training and up skilling our team thereby efficiently managing the growing demands from our clients.

We offer our Oracle ATG Web Commerce clients a complete set of “out-of-the-box” store features. Our technical designs are based on the industry’s latest best-practices and enable us to accelerate the development cycle of your project and provide you with cutting-edge, relevant capabilities that in turn empower your merchandisers and marketers to create and manage world-class customer experiences.

We use our deep knowledge of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform to concentrate on every facet of your commerce technology, matching specific features to platform capabilities, delivering strong integrations with third-party applications (CRM, CMS, OMS, ERP and industry add-ons), and supporting scalability, performance optimization, SEO, and system flexibility.

We deliver on the power of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform. Our qualified technology team develops strategies and solutions to leverage the capabilities of the platform and integrate it with other third party solutions, backend systems as well as provide a user experience that is pioneering and available on any device.

The ever-changing demands of the global economy and the eCommerce landscape require technology solutions that can quickly adapt to changing business requirements and industry trends. The Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform with Adapty’s solutions is customized to allow the most complex businesses to develop eCommerce channels that can adapt in time with market changes and expand easily into new offerings and geographies with quantifiable results.

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Demandware is a world class on demand, feature-rich, cross channel enterprise commerce solution...

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