78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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Salesforce Commerce

Delivering an engaging omni-channel experience to your customers with Salesforce Commerce

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services, a world class on-demand, feature-rich, cross channel enterprise commerce solution.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features And Implementation

Salesforce commerce cloud is one of the leading eCommerce SaaS providers. It has been named by Forrester Research as “Salesforce a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, Q2 2020. Forrester identified the most significant B2C commerce suite providers and researched, analysed, and scored them."

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has more than 800 installations worldwide of which 200 are leading global brands.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform provides a robust online selling capability for global retailers. Being one of the best-in-class eCommerce products, it gives your business the power of controlling and managing the merchandising without worrying much about the risk of managing the underlying infrastructure.

Salesforce commerce cloud now provides decoupled backend and APIs, which makes it possible to build websites for any screen or device independently using any independent UI/UX framework.

Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) –
The latest Update On Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform

The Latest upgrade of the platform with a new architecture known as Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) allows delivering new features and enhancements without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Within the last few years the conversion rates have been very impressive when it comes to mobile and SFRA has been developed considering mobile first designs.

Salesforce commerce cloud has Support and Community and channels. Community provides rich documentation and training videos for merchandising teams and technical engineers. Community has a Slack channel for posting Q&A for the technical engineers which makes it easier to share knowledge between people located in different geography.

Salesforce Commerce cloud platform can be easily integrated with other Salesforce products like Salesforce Customer 360, Mulesoft, Marketing cloud and more, building a true multi cloud experience.

As Digital Commerce experts, we partner with you with the sole objective of delivering an engaging omni-channel experience to your customers.

Adapty – The Best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partners

At Adapty, our offerings around Salesforce Commerce Cloud range from strategy consulting to end-to-end eCommerce implementation and support. We leverage our expertise in agile development to deliver a robust and seamlessly integrated solution.

Our deep experience in upgrading eCommerce platforms extends to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and makes us the partner of choice for many of our customers. Our team ensures that minimal disruptions are caused to your business as a result of an upgrade.

We assess your existing platform capabilities to recommend upgrades or migration to one of the more robust eCommerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Our technology team ensures a multi-level migration that includes data migration and assures a smooth transition.

Differentiators that make Adapty a partner of choice for our partners

Experience in full life cycle, starting from building technology roadmap, rapid implementation, upgrade or migration, assist with holiday preparedness, and application support.

Certified Technical Commerce Cloud Developers and Architects.

Experienced engineering team to build Certified Link Cartridge for third parties.

Experienced teams for both digital marketing and engineering, comprising of members who are experts in building highly optimized sites and SEO friendly web pages.

Technical team to build quick multilingual and multi-currency websites.

Experienced teams for seamless integrations with third party applications using Link Cartridges.

Our Omni-channel implementation experience ensures your customers get a delightful experience across the merchandising channels; be it web, mobile app development, tablets or any other. We provide an entire spectrum of services ranging from analysis, design, configuration, implementation, testing to post production support and enhancements.

Salesforce CX

Building transformational experiences is the need of the hour. As the digital paradigm goes for a spin, the companies that accelerate and adapt to the changing customer demand shall come out on top. Leveraging the omnichannel, comprehensive platform of Salesforce, Adapty delves into problem-solving at the crux of the enterprise. All challenges are disintegrated through a holistic view of customer experience.

With expectations turning liquid, our strong understanding of the technological implementations helps achieve the three-point digital goal of consumption, consistency and conversion. While over 70% of CX leaders struggle to design projects that achieve results, Adapty + Salesforce create a tangible environment for you to track, measure and analyze all business outcomes.

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