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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

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78% of consumers buy based on experience alone

Leverage your CX strategy now!

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88% of customers are expecting companies to accelerate their digital initiatives

As customer experience (CX) becomes more than a blip on the entrepreneurial landscape, brands and businesses must now pave a seamless way right from product discovery to customer service. The difference between exceptional experiences and empty expectations shall be the consistency, seamlessness and enrichment found at every touchpoint.

Yes, touchpoints are being obsessed over for decades now. But, with CX being pushed down to the foundational levels of the enterprise, competitive performance can be found by humanizing the customer relationships.

Moving away from the traditional definitions of experience shall be the strategical turning point.


Salesforce, Adapty and the CX at the core

Salesforce is so naturally embedded in the digital fabric of customer experience that every move within the ecosystem feels like an improvement. Across an omnichannel platform, it puts the customer at the centre and recognizes the subtle shifts that enable their journey.

Adapty dives into the why, what and how of CX. Salesforce is leveraged to bring undisrupted sync between sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics and integration within the enterprise.

The end result is a brand perception that extends over and above the product offerings to communicate purpose and potential.

In a world driven by data and numbers, Adapty and Salesforce reiterate the human element to solve business challenges with changing experiences. Right from acquisition to retention, all facets are looked at through a holistic periscope called Customer Experience.

As more and more companies now focus on the customer to increase their business, Adapty instils a shared view to keep both organizational and market expectations at par.

The Challenges We Solve

47% of businesses manage CX through their customer service team, while 32% have their marketing teams look after customer experience.

Adapty and Salesforce help you step out of the departmental restrictions of CX. We implement a view that supports the comprehensive capabilities of the brand. With a platform that curates customer relationships to deliver personalized experiences, you can expect growth and outperformance at all flow levels.

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