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Health Supplements Retailer

KEY objective

  • As a part of customer experience re-invention strategy, Vitamin Shoppe wants to improve customer shopping experience at both physical and online store
  • Consistent UX (User Experience) across all touch points; web, mobile, tablet and store agent console
  • Decouple UI and business layer to ensure future platform upgrades can be carried out with no impact to the UI layer
  • Increase scalability of the eCommerce platform to support increasing traffic with existing infrastructure
  • Reduce site maintenance overhead and costs


  • Delivered a seamless user experience, providing a Single Page Application (SPA) with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across multiple view ports desktop, tablet and phone) by implementing an AngularJS based responsive interface
  • Built an improved product taxonomy, to ensure all users (customers, store agents, customer service agents) see a uniform hierarchy across all channels
  • Built a centralised information repository using NodeJS and MongoDB to serve consistent Product and Store data across all channels
  • Built UI layer that only consumes Oracle Commerce REST API's to decouple it from business layer, ensuring future platform upgrades can be carried out independent from the UI layer
  • This allowed existing application server infra-structure to serve additional requests during peak time, as it was only focused on the pure eCommerce aspects of order capture
  • Helped tune the performance of both backend and frontend code by implementing parallel asynchronous processing and eliminating redundant database requests
  • Built caching solution leveraging Akamai, Varnish and Component level caching designed to enable caching of all aspects of data, both on a CDN and at server side. This provides finer control in caching strategy for different components


  • Redesigned site, coupled with promotional and marketing stimulus delivered increased orders during holiday sales events (50% increase YOY for Black Friday and Cyber Monday)
  • New responsive site lead to significantly enhancing customer experience, there by leading to one of the highest online sale during Cyber Monday