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A Definitive Guide to ‘How We Got The Best Page Speed Score?

Today’s customer needs fast, frictionless experiences that show tangible benefits on demand. Therefore, we have set out to help you understand how the smallest fraction of a second in page load can change customer focus and interaction.

You see, there is a direct parity in customer perception when it comes to any digital initiative.
There are two aspects to this:

While an average mobile landing page can take up to 22 seconds to completely load, most visitors tend to abandon such sites within the first 3 seconds.

Although more than 50% of overall web traffic is mobile-based, mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop.

It is well established that page speed impacts the willingness of buyers to transact with an online retailer. Even a 0.1s improvement leads to almost 10% more spending, increasing lead generation and engagement by 7% and 8%, respectively.

But, that’s not all. Google’s obsession with speed makes it one of the most crucial factors for SEO and page rankings. The rise of customer search for the most basic information further correlates this to bounce rates, user experience and ultimately, your bottom line. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, brands must make site speed a priority within the organization.

To give you an evidence-based range of choices, we dug deep within different partners across the industry to see how they perform in the digital environment.

In this report, you’ll discover how partners promising an optimized site speed themselves stand against the same yardstick. We urge you to see it as a key performance metric and review the factors that shall help your growth. Download the white paper to learn more

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